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Face lift or Rhytidectomy surgery is fast becoming the number one cosmetic facial procedure. Previously, facelift surgery was thought to be reserved only for the Rich and Famous. Not any more. With new techniques, patients are returning to work sooner, costs are less, and results that are more natural are achievable.

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Rhytidectomy or Facelift Surgery has definitely advanced from the times of Cardinal Richelieu, who lived in the medieval times of Robin Hood. He was rumored to have his servants corkscrew his hair under his cap and thereby pull up his loose facial skin!

Dr. Mandell-Brown emphasizes a “Natural Look” facelift. He wants his patients to have a rested, rejuvenated look without looking overdone.

An unnaturally raised side burn can be a give away of a facelift procedure. At the Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center, we individualize your incision to preserve your sideburn without raising it higher as seen on the left. On the right is an incision option often used in male patients. In facelift surgery the position of your “Adam’s Apple” or thyroid cartilage in relation to your chin will determine the extent of improvement. In the left diagram, the “Adam’s Apple” is positioned posteriorly (further back). This patient will get a more dramatic result with a facelift. In the right diagram, the “Adam’s Apple” is more anteriorly located. This patient will get a less dramatic result from any facial lift.

At the Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center in Ohio, computer imaging is used to demonstrate potential improvement with facelift surgery. Our plastic surgery specialists will show you where the incisions are made and tailor the procedure to fit your needs. Facelift surgery can improve the cheek and neck jowls and help restore the tissues to a more rejuvenated appearance.

Historically, only excess skin was removed in the facelift procedure. Currently with Dr. Mandell-Brown’s technique, the fatty tissues are liposuctioned, the muscle layer is tightened, and then the excess skin is removed. Like other cosmetic procedures, it is important to understand the plastic surgeons’s philosophy. Do they prefer an aggressive facelift or do they strive for a more natural look. Dr. Mandell-Brown emphasizes a “Natural Look” facelift. He wants his patients to have a rested, rejuvenated look without looking overdone.

One of the critical aspects at our center, is customizing incisions for the patient’s individual hairline. Many plastic surgeons perform only one incision. Dr. Mandell-Brown will tailor the incisions to the patient’s hairline. Typical approaches are shown in the facelift photo gallery and in the operating room section. Many patients will combine the facelift with other facial procedures—eyelid surgery, forehead lift, or laser resurfacing.

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“Looking in the mirror and starting the anti-gravity maneuvers – pulling up the skin to improve your profile? Or perhaps you are told by friends that you look tired. According to one of Cincinnati’s “Top Docs”, Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown, new options are available to improve your appearance.” >>> Read more

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