Mid Face Lift
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Have cheek jowling but not ready for a full face lift? Welcome the mid facelift as the procedure of choice. The mid facelift is ideal for excess or sagging tissues in the cheeks and along the jaw line. The typical patient is in their 30′s to 40′s and just needs a little “tuck” of the tissues.

The mid facelift is an office based procedure that can rejuvenate the sagging by a mini-incision by the ear to elevate the tissues and liposuction the fat.

Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown was the first plastic surgeon to bring this procedure to the Dayton and Cincinnati area. Now most surgeons offer this, a testimony to Dr. Mandell-Brown’s foresight into adding this procedure to the standard facelift.

In contrast to the full facelift, in which the incision goes behind the ear to help elevate the neck sagging, the mid facelift only addresses the cheek sagging. The recovery is rapid and many patients can be back at work in 4 to 5 days. There is relatively little pain and most patients are told “they look more relaxed” or “more youthful.”

Anesthesia OR Time Incision Goals
Quick Facelift Local 1 Hour Along ear crease Removes skin only in cheek area
Mid Facelift IV Sedation 1 1/2 Hour Along ear crease Removes skin and tighten muscle in cheek area
Full Lift IV Sedation 2 Hours Along ear crease and extremely around earlobe to hair/neck skin junction Removes skin and tighten muscle in cheek area