Cancer Reconstruction
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With more recreational time, thinning of the ozone layer, more emphasis on the “tanned look”, there is an increase in skin care needs in order to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown is recognized as an expert in Ohio for reconstruction following skin cancer removal.

The three types of skin cancer are:

1. Basal cell cancer
2. Squamous cell cancer
3. Melanoma

These skin cancers are diagnosed by biopsy procedures from your primary care physician, dermatologist, or plastic surgeon. The basal cell cancers and squamous cell cancers are localized irregularity of the skin often raised, red, irregular, sometimes prone to bleeding. Often the only way to determine their nature is through skin biopsy. Once treated with surgical excision, these cancers are adequately treated. Melanoma, however, may be more invasive and require much more aggressive surgical resection and often may require lymph node resection and/or chemotherapy.

Reconstruction is restoring the body or face to the state before the cancer treatment. Plastic surgeons like Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown utilize: skin grafts, local flaps, and larger flaps to repair the defect and restore the face/body to a pre-excision state. Sometimes several stages may be required to replace the lost tissue and smooth the edges with lasers, dermabrasion, or scar revisions.

Dr. Mandell-Brown’s philosophy is to restore the defect with as similar tissue as possible. Whereas many plastic surgeons rely on skin grafts to cover the defect, Dr. Mandell-Brown strives to use local tissue to replace the defect. This often will result in a more aesthetically improved appearance than the traditional skin graft.

During your consultation, Dr. Mandell-Brown will explain the various repair choices available and review the benefits, risks, and other options with you.