The Wall Street Journal recently reported a headline article that silicone implants were banned by the FDA in 1992 and are making a comeback since the ban was lifted in 2006. However, silicone implants did not completely disappear during the claimed 14 year ban.

According to Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown, voted 2013 ‘Top Doc’ for breast augmentation by Cincinnati Magazine for all of Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; silicone implants were never truly banned. In fact, he reports that silicone implants were available to patients from 1992-2006 as long as patients participated in the FDA approved study.

Dr. Mandell-Brown goes on to explain that “many doctors preferred to not deal with the enormous amount of paper work required for the study and never gave their patients the choice of having silicone implants. For some of these doctors, it was easier to say they were banned and only provide saline implants when in fact silicone implants have always been available.”

When the ban was lifted in 2006, 19% of breast augmentation procedures were silicone implants. Now, as stated in a recent report from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 72% of breast implants were silicone with the remainder 28% being saline or sterile salt water breast implants.

Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown who is known for Natural Look™ Cosmetic Surgery in Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana; his practice does 60% silicone implants and 40% saline implants.

As for any type of surgery, when it comes to deciding what type of breast implant is best for you, make sure to consult with your plastic surgeon and weigh the pros and cons of all options.