A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a procedure used to raise drooping breasts. This surgery is helpful for women who want to have perkier and more youthful breasts.

Breast Lift – Reasons to Choose the Procedure

A breast lift can be useful for many breast-related aesthetic problems:

• With age, breasts can sag and lose their youthful appearance. With a breast lift, you can take care of the sagging problem. After the procedure, your breasts will be firmer and more attractive.

• Breasts can lose their natural shape due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Weight loss and hereditary reasons can also be the cause of sagging. Through a mastopexy, you can regain the natural look of your breasts. In fact, you can make them look even more appealing.

• A breast lift can help to improve the shape of the breasts. When breasts are asymmetrical in shape, this procedure is able to create better symmetry.

• For many reasons, areolae can become oversized over time. The breast lift can reduce areola size and make the areola more proportionate to the breast.

Breast Lift – The Procedure

A breast lift involves reshaping of the tissues and removal of excess skin. It also involves shifting the nipple-areolar complex to a more appropriate position.

There are different methods used to perform this surgery based on the breast shape and the desired result from the procedure:

Anchor Lift – This technique is very effective in addressing a great deal of excessive droopiness. It involves creation of a circular incision around the areola, a vertical incision down from this to the breast fold, and a curving horizontal incision on the breast fold.

Lollipop Lift – If you have moderate sagging, this type of procedure can help a great deal in reshaping your breasts. The incisions form a lollipop shape – an incision around the areola and another down to meet the breast fold.

Donut Lift – If you have mild droopiness in your breast but the areola size is larger than usual, the doctor may opt for this technique. It involves the creation of two concentric circles around the areola. Through these incisions, the breasts are lifted.

After the Surgery

The breast lift surgery can be completed within two hours or so. Often, candidates are allowed to return home the day of the surgery. It is best to arrange for a ride home in advance. Dr. Mandell-Brown may prescribe you pain medication in case you need it. You will also have bandages over your breasts until the incisions heal.

You can resume your normal routine within a week’s time. Refrain from heavy physical activities for a few weeks after your surgery in order to ensure that there are no complications during the healing process.

Speak with Dr. Mandell-Brown During a Consultation

To schedule a breast-lift consultation, contact our office today. Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown is an experienced plastic surgeon who will be happy to help you get perkier and firmer breasts. During your consultation, you’ll discuss the breast-lift procedure with Dr. Mandell-Brown and look at before-and-after photos.