More and more people want to reverse the signs of aging with cosmetic procedures. One such procedure is mastopexy, which is also commonly known as the breast lift.

If you’re interested in mastopexy surgery, it will be important that you learn as much as possible about the recovery and healing process that is required for it. Just like with any surgery, preparation for recovery goes a long way.

7 Tips to Help You Prepare For Mastopexy Recovery

1. Shop for compression garments: The healing process after mastopexy is accelerated by wearing a post-surgical compression garment. The primary role of the compression garment is to contain swelling and improve blood circulation. The garment adds extra support to the breasts and helps them settle into their new shape.

2. Create a relaxed atmosphere: A relaxed atmosphere promotes healing. Healing starts with the mind, and when you are stressed, your body can’t fully focus on the healing process. Create a relaxed atmosphere at home before your mastopexy procedure – purchase comfortable pillows, get calming music, and clean the house thoroughly. Dr. Mandell-Brown will advise you to stay away from lifting anything heavy or moving things for a week after surgery, so you will need to make any décor changes beforehand.

3. Ask for help, especially if you have toddlers or pets: Bending to pick up your child or your pet is off-limits until Dr. Mandell-Brown clears you to do so. Mothers with young children will heal faster when they have a helping hand, so before your surgery, arrange for a friend or family member to help you out. Your mastopexy results are linked to your healing process, so it is best to rest until you feel strong enough to actively move around.

4. Stock up groceries: Finish your grocery shopping before the date of your surgery. For the next few days after the operation, you will be unable to get to the store. Diet plays a crucial role in bringing the body back to its healthy state. Eat simple and fresh food, and avoid any salty processed or take-out food. Proper nutrition goes a long way in improving physical and mental health.

5. Meal preps: While meal prep is an extension of the previous tip, it gets its own section because it is often overlooked. Make home-cooked meals beforehand that you can eat during your recovery period, since you may not be up for cooking after surgery. You can keep track of what you consume when you’ve prepared the meals yourself.

6. Temporarily cancel the gym membership: Strenuous physical activities are off limits until your healing is complete. If you’ve paid for a gym membership, it is best to temporarily cancel it until the time the doctor clears you for exercise again.

7. Stay hydrated: Fluids are the best way to expedite healing. The importance of drinking water during your recovery process cannot be stressed enough!

The recovery time required after mastopexy varies depending on the details of the case, and it is important to be patient through the journey. Being prepared makes the process easier and more comfortable.

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