Increases in Male Cosmetic Surgery

In a recently released NBC News article, it has been reported that nearly twice as many men are choosing to have cosmetic surgery as did fifteen years ago. Much of this growth may be accountable for the cultural shifts that have surrounded cosmetic surgery and male image in the last few decades.

“I think now it’s becoming more acceptable and men are looking more into plastic surgery and I think this trend is gonna go from 10 to 15 to 20 percent. I think it’s gonna go up,” says El Paso, TX surgeon Dr. Ozan Sozer. Some of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed on men are liposuction, chin surgery, nose jobs and breast reductions.

Men Having More Chin Surgeries, Breast Reductions

Men may tend to be a little more cautious. According to Dr. Sozer, “Everybody has doubts, especially if you’re having surgery for a reason that is not absolutely necessary. To make them feel more comfortable, I usually see female patients with a female nurse with me. With the males, I see them by myself so it’s just a male to male conversation so I think they feel more comfortable with that.”

In many cases, men choose to undergo additional procedures after a consultation on a simpler matter. Henry Parisi’s initial consult was for a growth on his jaw. “I got to talking to Dr. Sozer about doing some extra things for me. He showed me some photos of his male patients before and after and what I could see all of them kinda looked refreshed. They didn’t look plastic or overdone. I got a little bit excited. I thought, ‘What the heck. I’m going under the knife…go the whole nine yards.’”

While Parisi eventually opted for a facelift, some of the most common surgeries for men are liposuction and chin surgery, often with an augmentation for more prominent features. Male breast reduction is also very popular.