Revision Rhinoplasty
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One of Dr. Mandell-Brown’s areas of expertise is revision rhinoplasty. Patients from the Greater Cincinnati area and throughout the United States seek his care to perform secondary nose surgery when they are unhappy with their original surgery.

How Revision Rhinoplasty Is Performed

“Many times, I simply need to make a minor correction,” Cincinnati Magazine’s Top Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Mandell-Brown commented . “However, some patients need a major revision to improve their nose,” he added.

By taking cartilage from the septum or inside of the nose and at times taking cartilage from the ear (without changing its shape), Dr. Mandell-Brown can smooth irregularities, build-up areas, and help refine the nose.

“Our goal is an aesthetically pleasing nose that fits the individual’s face and looks natural,” observed Dr. Mandell-Brown.” I find revision nasal surgery very demanding yet very satisfying when the patient achieves the result they always wanted.”

Recovering from Revision Rhinoplasty

There will be more swelling following revision rhinoplasty compared to primary rhinoplasty. bruising and redness will take some time to dissipate. swelling can last for several months. Pain can be managed with medication. Follow-up visits will be scheduled to ensure the recovery process is going smoothly.

Preparing for Your Revision Rhinoplasty

Many out-of-town patients email their photos to Dr. Mandell-Brown. When considering revision nasal surgery it is helpful to include a frontal (full face) view, lateral views (left and right side) and a base view of the nostrils.

He will be able to perform computer imaging and email you potential goals of surgery. This helps the patient feel more comfortable before traveling to Cincinnati for rhinoplasty.

The Cost of Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a highly difficult procedure to perform and Dr. Mandell-Brown formulates a personalized surgical plan based on the specific needs of each individual patient. During your consultation at the Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center, our team can go over the expected cost of your revision rhinoplasty in Cincinnati and let you know about the payment options available to you. Financing options are also available.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are unhappy with the results of your primary rhinoplasty or are experiencing issues following your rhinoplasty procedure and are in need of revision rhinoplasty, contact The Plastic Surgery Experts at the Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Mandell-Brown is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is dedicated to providing the best revision rhinoplasty results Cincinnati has to offer.

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