Fat Injection
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Fat injection is rapidly becoming one of the most popular techniques to improve facial fullness as well supplement breast and body areas. This technique has been utilized over the past 20 to 30 years but only recently has become a main stream procedure.

Fat is harvested with traditional liposuction from the flanks, abdomen, or thighs. The fat is prepared in a number of ways to remove the oily, liquid component. Some doctors centrifuge or spin the fat. This helps the fat and fluid separation. Others feel this may destroy the fat cells.

Dr Mandell-Brown simply lets the removed fat stand in individual syringes. The fluid separates naturally and then is discarded. He injects with micro or mini cannulas to fill out the cheeks, tear trough hollows under the eyes or the nasal / cheek furrows. The fat can be used where ever soft tissue fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, Juvaderm, Sculptra or Radiesse is utilized. Some experts feel the fat is more lasting since it is from the patient’s own body. There may be some resorption, however.
Dr Mandell-Brown may save the patient’s fat for future re-injections. Sometimes several injections are required to build up the hollow area.

Cincinnati, Ohio facial plastic surgeon, Dr Mandell-Brown is known for his artistic and natural enhancing the patient’s face or body with fat injections.

Risks include fat resorption, infection, pain, lumpiness, bruising, or scar