Face Lift FAQ
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What is the average age for a facelift?
In a study for other plastic surgeons that I presented several years ago, the average age was 56. However, there was a peak of interest in each decade -46, 55, and 65. When we took all 350 patients in the study, the average was 56.

What type of patients get facelifts?
In my same study, the patients were fairly diverse: homemakers who wanted to do something for themselves, professionals who wanted to maintain their appearance, and secretaries and teachers. Interestingly, 25% of our patients were men and that number is probably increasing.

How much time off work will I need following facelift surgery?
With newer techniques, most patients can return to work in one week. We recommend that if you have the surgery on a Friday, plan on taking off the weekend and the next 5 working days to allow for adequate healing. Some surgeons promise only 4 days. BEWARE. The honest plastic surgeon should give you a range of time because everyone heals differently. We utilize IV sedation to reduce bruising (instead of general anesthesia), Vitamin B & C, to promote healing, customized compression dressings postoperatively, and in certain patients autologous platelet gel which uses the patient’s special clotting factors to help decrease bruising.

Does the facelift surgery remove the fine lines around the mouth or cheeks?
The facelift really helps the jowling. Laser resurfacing or facial peels are usually required to improve the fine wrinkles.

Is there much pain after facelift surgery?
In my 20 years performing cosmetic surgery, I have come to respect that every patient’s pain threshold differs. Most patients note a tightness for a few days and only a small percentage have pain. With current pain medicine, the patients are comfortable after surgery.

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