When it comes to plastic surgery, it is often assumed that the main recipients are female. While it is statistically true that women obtain a cosmetic procedure more often than men, the number of men who are interested in procedures and decide to go through plastic surgery are increasing. More men are getting cosmetic surgery than previous generations.

Mid-Section Procedures

Cosmetic procedures around the mid-section are among the most popular for men. Even young men are getting liposuction to better define muscles in the midsection. Although liposuction for definition is growing in popularity among young men, tummy tucks are also a popular choice for the mid-section.

When men decide to get a tummy tuck, the reason for the procedure is usually very simple. Men who lose weight are not comfortable with excess skin on the stomach, so a tummy tuck is performed to reduce the amount of skin and improve the appearance of the mid-section.

Although men have different reasons to seek the cosmetic procedures than women, a greater number of men are willing to undergo different procedures to obtain their ideal look. While the procedures on the mid-section are of interest among men, other cosmetic surgeries are also gaining in popularity.

Facial Surgeries

Male plastic surgery is not limited to the mid-section. Men are also likely to obtain facial surgeries that improve appearance. The facial surgeries that men might obtain include procedures to change the nose, ears or remove bags from under the eyes.

In the case of removing bags under the eyes, which is popular among older men, the purpose of the surgery is related to concerns in the workplace. The procedure makes the eyes look younger and livelier, which is a good impression to make in any job.

Working on the nose or ears is primarily about improving a man’s confidence. Surgical procedures for the nose and ears are less common than removing bags under the eyes because it takes longer to heal and is only sought out when those areas of the face are particularly worrisome to a man’s confidence.

Minimally Invasive Options

While surgeries are growing in popularity, more men are interested in procedures that have short recovery periods, fast impacts and limited pain. Minimally invasive procedures like Botox and dermal fillers are the most popular choice.

The reason for using minimally invasive procedures is not the same as women. Theprimary goal men have in seeking minimally invasive procedures is looking refreshed and alert, which is much subtler than procedures that women obtain. Furthermore, men are less willing to put up with unnecessary pain or extended periods of recovery. That makes minimally invasive procedures more appealing to men.

As a greater number of men obtain surgery to change flaws, remove excess fat from the mid-section or obtain a refreshed look, the attention to detail and subtlety in cosmetic procedures will improve. The goals of men are different than women, but obtaining cosmetic procedures is providing the opportunity for doctors to learn new skills to meet those goals.