Baby Boomers Opting For More Cosmetic Surgery ProceduresUS News recently reported on a study that looked into 11 concepts of aging, titled The Prison of Aging. The study was conducted by Boston College’s Sloan Center for Aging & Work.

According to the study, when age concepts like career stage and chronological age are combined with the other concepts a person’s true age can be determined.

Some people, as they age, may feel more able to exercise or more out of shape than others of similar age. This is what the researchers at Boston College called “physical-cognitive” age.

Social age and socio-emotional age refers to the age others perceive one to be. These categories would explain someone that would be described as young at heart.

Looking As Young As You Feel

When one’s socio-emotional age and physicality at are at odds, then that person more than likely doesn’t look as young as they feel. This may be the phenomenon leading baby boomers to seek out increasing numbers of cosmetic procedures than before.

According to the minimally invasive procedures are the most popular with this generation, but surgical procedures are being done as well. The most often performed procedures for the baby boomers are:

It’s not just the women of the baby boom generation electing to get procedures done. According to the post on, the number of men seeking tissue fillers, eyebrow lifts, and chemical peels, are making up an increasing amount of procedures

There is a practical side of seeking out cosmetic procedures for the baby boom generation. They are living and working longer than other generations and a more youthful appearance will help give them an edge in the job market and dating world.

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