Breast Reduction Cincinnati

Breast Reduction is performed to improve large pendulous breasts. Some women have a heredity tendency for extremely large breasts or hypermastia. Even teenage girls may develop enlarged breasts in the “DD” to “G” range. Large breasts may cause back pain, rashes under the breasts from moist skin, yeast infections under the breast skin, and pain from breast strips digging into the shoulders. Large breasts may interfere with sports such as jogging, tennis, swimming, or golf.

Some women during pregnancy become very engorged. Even after delivery and cessation of breast feeding, the breasts stay enlarged. To improve this uncomfortable size, Dr Mandell-Brown of Cincinnati and Centerville, Ohio, can perform a breast reduction.

During your consultation he will discuss which option is best suited for your goals. At times, liposuction alone will improve the breast size. Other patients may require a formal breast reduction with the lollipop or anchor breast pattern incision. (see breast lift section).

Breast tissue is removed and the outer skin is tightened by removing the skin. Any breast tissue removed is sent to the hospital lab to ensure no cancer or nodules as a precaution. The breast reduction will not create upper pole fullness. Dr Mandell-Brown can help you determine if an implant is necessary to create more upper pole fullness. Most of our patients are interested in smaller breasts with a perkier shape.

The surgery may be performed as early as 18 to 19 years old. There is a risk of breast feeding impairment for the pre-pregnancy patient who desires breast reduction.

Risks include: scarring, nipple numbness, skin loss, inability to breast feed, breast asymmetry, infection, bleeding, revision, later need for implant for upper pole breast fullness