Women's Sex Lives Improve after Cosmetic Breast Surgery

In a recent RealSelf.com survey, women are reporting that their sex lives are dramatically improved following breast surgery. According to most respondents, not only did the frequency of their sex increase, but their overall satisfaction was improved as well.

These women are part of a large American demographic, one that is increasing every year. In the last three years alone, almost one million women have had breast enhancement procedures, whether they be breast lifts or breast augmentations.

Satisfaction Statistics of Women Following Cosmetic Surgery

This survey recorded a number of new statistics that cast a fascinating light on the relationship between breast surgery and a patient’s sex life. Some of these statistics include:

  • 70% of the women who answered the survey reported that satisfaction with their sex life increased overall after their breast surgery.
  • 28% of surveyed women said that their sex life improved by four points or more on a ten point scale following their procedure
  • 61% of women reported increased frequency of their sexual encounters, while only 7% reported a decrease following the procedure
  • The overall pre-procedure sexual satisfaction was a 6.07 out of 10, while the post-procedure sexual satisfaction rating was an 8.13, an average increase of 34%.

According to Dr. Andrew P. Trussler, who specializes in breast cosmetic procedures, “in my personal observation, women definitely feel more confident after the procedure, and you can easily see how that improved confidence will lead to improvements in other areas of their lives.”

Historically, breast enhancement procedures have a very high level of patient satisfaction. RealSelf.com, which is the largest online community devoted to cosmetic procedure information, also asked patients to determine if their cosmetic procedures were “worth it” overall. Their data shows that 7.5 out of 10 breast augmentation patients and 8 out of 10 breast lift patients feel their procedures were worthwhile.