botox_breastliftDoctor Mandell-Brown recently appeared on Local 12 to answer the question “What is a Botox Breast lift?” You can see a video of this appearance on our media page.
The report explains that although the breast lift is common, and Botox is practical and effective, the so-called Botox Breast Lift is not a cost effective cosmetic treatment people should consider.

The most common theory behind this procedure posits that Botox injections can relax muscles and affect a woman’s posture in such a way that simulates lifting of the breasts. Dr. Mandell Brown answers the question conclusively:

“Rather than spend four or five or ten thousand dollars on a breast lift, lets do $200-$300 of botox. Are we just throwing away the 300 dollars then? Yes. Is there any research to support that this would be even remotely effective? No. In reality, the tissue’s too heavy for that to happen.”

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