It’s quite common for women considering breast augmentation to wonder about the physical changes in their appearance. “How will I look?” is a common question, and plastic surgeons have several ways of explaining or visually representing the results.

But how will you feel? Will the procedure change the way you think? In a new study, doctors in Berlin explain how they sought to understand the psychological changes that occur after breast augmentation – specifically sub-muscular breast augmentation, a procedure that involves placement of the implant beneath the pectoral muscle.

The physicians outlined the following criteria to assess after surgery:

  • Attractiveness and self-confidence
  • Insecurity or anxiety
  • Emphasis placed on physical appearance
  • Sexual discomfort

Using a 100-point scale, they rated the responses of 58 patients who completed a body image questionnaire. The authors reported significant improvements in all areas except insecurity or anxiety, which they say exhibited “next to no change.”

How does submuscular breast augmentation work?

During breast augmentation, your cosmetic surgeon has the option to place the implant above or underneath the pectoral muscle. In many cases, breast implant placement is determined by the patient’s body type. For example, a petite woman and a muscular woman might be recommended different placement options. Read more about breast augmentation in Cincinnati.