By coincidence last week, as we posted about wrinkle fillers with lidocaine, Allerganjuvederm_xc was announcing FDA clearance for the new Juvederm Ultra XC. The company is citing results from their clinical trial in which 93 percent of patients reported reduced pain with the new formulation. They are now marketing Juvederm XC as a comfortable alternative to regular Juvederm.

Facts to know about Juvederm XC

  • Contains a small amount (0.3%) of local anesthetic
  • Composed of colorless hyaluronic acid – a hydrator and cushioning agent
  • Results last about 9 -12 months
  • Those allergic to lidocaine or Gram-positive bacterial proteins should not use Juvederm XC
  • Traditional pain control methods can still be used to further minimize discomfort
  • Safety profile and frequency of side effects is very similar to non-lidocaine Juvederm