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Labiaplasty is an excellent procedure to improve the contour of the labia. For some women, with pregnancy or age, or heredity, the labia become stretched and elongated. This can affect feminine hygiene as well. With a brief procedure, often performed under local anesthesia, the excess labia skin can be trimmed for a more aesthetically pleasing shape. Recovery is within a few days to week so there is little to no down time.

Labiaplasty is becoming more popular as women and doctors realize that the procedure is straightforward and performed in an out patient setting in less than an hour. For those women who have been bothered with excess labia skin, the labiaplasty performed by Dr Mark Mandell-Brown can be beneficial. Patients from Ohio, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Centerville have sought out his expertise.

Post Operative Care

The labiaplasty requires minimal care following surgery. The incisions are cleaned with peroxide. Sutures are usually removed in 1 to 2 weeks. Bathing should be avoided for 2 weeks following surgyery. However, showering is acceptable immediately after surgery.


Although rare, infection, bleeding, scarring, numbness, pain on intercourse are possible.
Revision surgery to further trim the excess labia tissue may occur from time to time.