Another Frivolous Class Action Lawsuit – protecting the public or enriching themselves?

A large California Law Firm, Hagens Berman, filed a class action lawsuit against SkinMedica claiming the company unlawfully marketed Tissue Nutrient Systems (TNS) without proper safety information.
The law firm claims that SkinMedica did not properly research the safety of the tissue growth factors, a key ingredient in SkinMedica’s best selling product.
According to Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown’s office has used the SkinMedica line of products for the past 6 years. “My family uses the skin care product, my staff uses the skin care products and I use the products.” He added, “most patients can’t guess my age, 60, partially due to daily use of SkinMedica.”
Just like the lawsuits in 1992 when the class action attorneys enriched themselves at the price of the patients, history repeats itself. SkinMedica was recently acquired by Allergan, a very deep pocket company. Now the attorneys are attempting a financial windfall.

The breast implants, after 13 years of research, were found to be safe. “I am certain so will the TNS in SkinMedica,” proclaimed Dr. Mandell-Brown.

Where were the attorneys who were so interested in protecting the public when SkinMedica was a small skin care company? Nowhere. Now that they are owned by one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world, they see big dollar signs.
Sharon Sweitzer, office manager at The Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center, stands by the SkinMedica line. “I think their skin care products are wonderful and their safety is beyond reproach.”