Have you heard the news? The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, has finally approved the use of Botox to help improve crow’s feet.

Dr. Mandell-Brown, one of Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio’s top plastic surgeons has long used Botox for crow’s feet. He explained, “The Botox manufacturer, Allergan, did studies for approval years ago for the ’11′ sign or furrows between the brows. We have always used it to treat the forehead lines and crows feet.”

Botox was first approved as a cosmetic by the FDA in 2002 for temporary improvement of frown lines — wrinkles between the eyebrows, also known as glabellar lines.

Now, Botox is used for other procedures that may not be officially advertised. “This recent study now confirms that Allergan can officially advertise that it is indicated for the crows feet area. Similarly, even though Botox is not officially indicated for armpit sweating or migraines, we know through experience that Botox treats this as well. However, until a full FDA approved study is performed, Allergan can not officially advertise its use for arm pit sweating or migraines.”

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