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California law firm find their next victim? Ohio plastic surgeon speaks out.

Published on April 11, 2014 by

Another Frivolous Class Action Lawsuit – protecting the public or enriching themselves? A large California Law Firm, Hagens Berman, filed a class action lawsuit against SkinMedica claiming the company unlawfully marketed Tissue Nutrient Systems (TNS) without proper safety information. The law firm claims that SkinMedica did not properly research the safety of the tissue growth […]

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Venus Legacy

Published on November 1, 2013 by

Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown of the Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center is proud to announce a new service: Venus Legacy! This new and non-invasive technology helps tighten skin and reduce the look of wrinkles! For more information, please call us at (513) 984-4700 or email us at [email protected]!

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Botox Approved for Treating Crow’s Feet

Published on October 18, 2013 by

Have you heard the news? The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, has finally approved the use of Botox to help improve crow’s feet. Dr. Mandell-Brown, one of Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio’s top plastic surgeons has long used Botox for crow’s feet. He explained, “The Botox manufacturer, Allergan, did studies for approval years ago for the […]

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Benefits of Brow Lifts

Published on September 20, 2013 by

Here recently, a lot of attention has been placed on achieving a more youthful look. Although there are different creams and serums to help, sometimes those are not enough and that is when a brow lift may be needed. Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown, a Cincinnati and Dayton triple board certified plastic surgeon explains that the upper […]

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Crow’s feet, puffy eyes, dark circles – Oh my!

Published on September 6, 2013 by

Eyes are the most important organ in your body. Unfortunately, eyes are the first area that shows aging signs in your face like fine lines around the eyes, bags under eyes, crow’s feet, puffy eyes and dark circles. Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown, a plastic surgeon serving the Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio area, explains why cosmetic surgery […]

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Wrinkles, Wrinkles and More Wrinkles

Published on July 31, 2013 by

The thought of aging is a legitimate fear with both men and women. What is worse, is that there is no way to avoid it, wrinkles are inevitable. However, there are ways to help make wrinkles less noticeable leaving you with younger looking skin. Here are some options presented by Cincinnati Magazine’s 2013 “Top Doc” […]

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Tips To Help You Age Gracefully

Published on February 7, 2013 by

The dos and don’ts of growing older elegantly When we’re kids, all we want to do is grow up – but once we do, we wind up wanting to look and feel younger. But unfortunately, we’re all destined to age, our skin along with it. Time slays kings, ruins towns, and beats high mountains down […]

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Cosmetic New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Published on January 7, 2013 by

What you can vow to do to keep yourself looking your best. After everyone’s had a go of singing Auld Lang Syne and celebrated the passing of another year, a lot of people have, of course, vowed to improve themselves with the tradition of the New Year’s Resolution. If you’re still pondering what to put […]

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What’s the Buzz on Bee Venom Facials?

Published on December 31, 2012 by

Apitherapy becoming a popular facial treatment. Honey isn’t the only thing bees produce that’s sought after by humans. As it turns out, the content of their stingers is used as a much-desired anti-aging treatment. Bee venom facials, also known as “apitherapy,” are fast becoming known as “the natural Botox” in some corners of the world, […]

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How Long Will Your Facelift Last?

Published on December 22, 2012 by

A London study suggests you’re looking good in the long haul One of the most popular questions regarding facelifts is, “how long will the results last?” A facelift is a serious undertaking, and not to be taken them lightly. People want to know what they’re getting into before they take the plunge. Minimally-invasive procedures such […]

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