A recent article from Plastic Surgery Practice discusses the recent turn of plastic and cosmetic surgery television shows and it’s affect on our culture. From TLC’s Plastic Wives to a rumored Celebrity Swan, plastic surgery reality TV shows are back.

Earlier shows such as Extreme Makeover, Dr. 90210, and The Swan focused on patients and their surgeries, showing the needs of the surgeries performed. The earlier shows are seen to cast a more educational spin on cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. However, the new shows focus more on the surgeon and their day to day activities with work and family. Plastic Surgery Practice Chief Editor Denise Mann states that “These shows are a mixed bag. In some ways, they can be extremely educational, yet in others, they portray specialists and their wives and families in a less than flattering light.”

Plastic Surgery Practice medical adviser Joe Niamtu III, DMD, goes on to say “Reality TV and plastic surgery have become a huge part of pop culture. Some of these plastic surgery reality TV shows are more like soap operas than real life. They are scripted and for entertainment, not education, but it’s the showmanship that is the lure for the viewers and the stars.”

Another major concern among doctors are whether or not these shows are accurate. The fear is that a preconceived notion will be created from these new shows casting a negative view on plastic and cosmetic surgery or that every ‘plastic/cosmetic surgery recipient’ is the exact same. Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown of Cincinnati, Ohio Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center states “The media TV shows can popularize plastic surgery, however, it is still very important to consult with a trusted plastic surgeon in order to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Not every patient is the same and should not be treated the same.”

These shows are created primarily for entertainment, after all what is a TV show that cannot entertain you. Make sure to not confuse entertainment with the facts. Always conduct research and consult with a trusted plastic or cosmetic surgeon before making a final decision.