The shape and proportion of your buttocks are important factors in enhancing your overall appearance. Everyone is gifted with their own unique body shape, and quite a few are lucky to have a naturally well-shaped buttocks.

But you don’t need to worry if you’re not one of them. There are a number of ways available these days to enhance the shape of your buttocks. One of the most popular methods is the Brazilian butt lift.

How Is the Brazilian Butt Lift Done?

A Brazilian butt lift is a method that involves fat transfer to the buttocks. The area where additional fat is desired is marked by Dr. Mandell-Brown, and incisions are made for injecting the fat.

The incisions are usually small – about 2 to 3 mm in length. Surgeons most often try to make cuts that will not be visible after healing, and some of them are hidden in the crease of the buttocks to avoid post-surgical marks on the outside.

The surgery is carried out under the effects of anesthesia. Whether you require general or local anesthesia is up to you and Dr. Mandell-Brown. The area from which the fat will be removed is called the harvest site. Both the harvest site and the buttocks are disinfected with antibacterial solutions.

Incisions are then made on the harvest site and on the marked areas of the buttocks. Fat from the harvest sites is extracted by liposuction. The most common regions for extracting fat for the process are the abdomen and the flanks (also known as love handles).

This is done because it has been found that the fat in these areas tends to persist even after considerable weight loss in the body. This fat is used for the procedure with the hope that the buttocks will retain its shape even if you lose weight.

The extracted fat is stored in a container that is disinfected and airtight. Interaction with air can make the fat less viable, so it is processed to remove any fluid mixed with it. The final product is pure fat that is then injected into the recipient site. After injecting the fat into the buttocks, the incisions are closed.

Factors That Affect the Success of This Treatment

The age and health of a person are the primary factors that affect the results of this surgery. Those going in for the surgery at a younger age usually see better results than those who opt for it at their later years. This is because the body is able to adapt and recover better when one is still younger.

People who are non-smokers with a healthy lifestyle tend to have the best results from this treatment.

Recovery After the Brazilian Butt Lift

After the surgery, you are advised not to sit on your buttocks for about a week. Vigorous physical activity should also be avoided for at least four to six weeks. Under normal circumstances, you should be able to go back to work after two weeks, provided your job doesn’t involve long hours of sitting.

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