At Mandell-Brown Cosmetic surgery, we see the consultation as an opportunity to educate our patients and familiarize them with our procedures. In recent years, email correspondence has become a valuable tool to aid in this process. Prior to a consultation in person, you can write us with questions and concerns you may have.

Services like these are increasing in popularity as more internet-savvy patients turn toward the web to research surgery procedures. CNN reports that some surgeons have gone as far as implementing a “virtual consultation” using live chat services like Skype or iChat. These platforms are known for being user-friendly. One East coast surgeon claims that roughly 15 percent of his patients opt for this virtual consult.

Surgeons in foreign countries have also capitalized on new technology, allowing them to reach a wider clientele. For the customer, it’s a great way to gather information and/or determine if they are comfortable with a surgeon. Michael Boeckle, who helps schedule surgery “vacation packages” says, “patients usually do not pick their doctor by price, but by how comfortable they feel with the information they have received.”

If you decide to contact us, we can ensure your privacy. We’ll also do our best to address your questions in a timely manner.