michael-jackson-badPropofol (or Diprivan) is an anesthetic often used during cosmetic surgery procedures, in closely monitored settings. The recent controversy surrounding the drug stems from the death of Michael Jackson. The media has been inundated with stories about the pop singer and how the drug Propofol caused his death. Jackson is said to have requested the drug to help him sleep and his doctor (irresponsibly) provided it for him.

Doctor Mandell-Brown, a plastic surgeon, uses Propofal in surgery. He states, that Propofol is to be administered only by people trained in the administration of general anesthesia and only in a surgical setting with the proper medical support systems available. According to news reports, the medical equipment necessary for properly administering Propofol was not found in Jackson’s house.

When used in the proper manner and setting, Propofol is not considered dangerous. Perhaps Jackson should not have received the drug at all, but given the fact that he did, it is unfortunate that he was not under the supervision of a general anesthesia practitioner in a safe setting.