Have you ever wondered about the first breast implants ever invented? Doctors on ModernMedicine.com have explained the evolution of breast implants and the key advantages offered by the latest 4th generation shaped breast implants.

Silicone breast implants have changed radically over the years, coming a long way from the first prosthetics.

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What happens after massive weight loss? Two sisters in Tulsa, Oklahoma recently after massive weight lossfound out when they each lost over 130 lbs. After conventional weight loss methods did not succeed, Marla Sheperd and Kelly Butler decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery.

With help from Dr. Louis Garosby and a cosmetic surgeon in Tulsa, the sisters are looking great.

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You probably know that SPF stands for sun protection factor. But how should you apply that to your daily life and choose an SPF rating that is right for you? People often think the sun protection factor is an estimate of how much time you can spend in the sun. According to the Beauty Brains blog, this is only half of the equation….

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When an orthopedic implant fails, much of the time the (very high) costs are passed on to the patient, Medicare, or a health insurance company. Artificial knees and hips are “normally not guaranteed” says a recent New York Times story.

But take a look at breast implants from Mentor or Allergan and you see a different story. While breast implants are typically less expensive than other medical implants, their warranties have become more generous over the years. Both manufacturers now offer financial assistance and lifetime product replacement. With any type of implant, you should ask about warranties before your surgery.

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