Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) FAQ
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Does rhinoplasty mean you use plastic in the nose?

No, rhinoplasty is derived from the Greek words rhino(nose) and plasty(shape or mold). Occasionally, grafts of cartilage, bone, or silastic implants are utilized to build up the nose. This is based on individual analysis and discussed during the consultation.

Do I have to be put to sleep for nose cosmetic surgery?

No. I prefer twilight anesthesia for my patients. Some surgeons prefer general anesthesia where a tube is placed into the windpipe to enable the patient to breathe during cosmetic surgery. With twilight anesthesia (also known as IV sedation) there is less nausea, less bruising, and it is easier to shape the patient’s nose to their face without the general anesthesia tube in the way. With modern pharmacologic agents, the patient has no recall of the surgery and can not feel anything. It is similar to a deep state of sleep walking-the patients are in a near sleep-state but still breathing for themselves.

Why don’t you pack the nose like other doctors?

I utilize a special suture to sew the lining back in place instead of using packing to hold the lining in place. It takes special skill to use this suture technique but I believe it is better for the patient. Sometimes I use plastic splints in the nose to help keep the nose straight internally. However, these splints have a breathing channel so air can flow through the nose. The splints, if used, are removed one week after surgery.

How long does nose surgery take?

Typically, rhinoplasty surgery takes one to two hours.

When do I look decent to go out after a nosejob?

Most of our patients take a week to recuperate. Some with desk jobs can return to work in three to four days. The patient wears a protective splint on the nose for one week. If your job requires more rigorous activity, we suggest five days off.

Do you do a standard “nose job”?

Definitely not! I strive to make the patient’s nose fit their face. Since each patient is uniquely different, each procedure is tailored to the individual patient. Many surgeons, however, perform a routine rhinoplasty.

Have you done a rhinoplasty on anyone famous?

Yes, but we never reveal any patient information.

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