Brow Lift FAQ
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How do you decide which approach is best for me?

Some surgeons don’t give you a choice. At the Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center in Ohio we feel that you should know all the options and then the plastic surgeon and the patient can mutually decide which brow lift procedure is most appropriate. Each approach has a benefit as well as some considerations, so the consultation definitely is helpful.

Will I still have creases after a brow lift?

Yes and no. During the lift, a laser can be used to cut or weaken the muscles that create the frown or deep creases located between the eyebrows and the nose. These are the same muscles that Botox weakens, but Botox works only temporarily. Some of the central forehead creases can be weakened but
will probably still exist.

Do you shave the hair with the full forehead lift?

Absolutely not! With newer techniques, the hair is taped just before the procedure but no hair is shaved. In fact, the patients can wash their hair after surgery, since tiny surgical clips are used. These clips are removed 1-week after surgery.

My friend had some procedure done on her eyebrows and you can really tell. She looks surprised or startled. Is this routine?

You need to know your plastic surgeon’s philosophy and aesthetic sense. Every patient is unique and so is every plastic surgeon. We strive for a natural look. In the Ohio Tri-State, our patients want a rejuvenated appearance with out looking “overdone”

In New Your City for example, the surgeons tend to be aggressive. What I refer to as the “electric outlet look” would not be popular in the Midwest.

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