Yesterday marked the beginning of the 27th annual scientific meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. This year’s meeting, which takes place in Phoenix, will involve some exciting developments for the academy as well as aesthetic medicine in general.

One such development is the change in leadership for the AACS. It was announced today that Oklahoma cosmetic surgeon Dr. Angelo Cuzalina has officially been named President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.  “I am taking over a position from a long line of surgeons whom I admire and respect. It’s very exciting to follow in their footsteps and continue moving this Academy forward in a positive direction,” he commented.

Another important discussion of the weekend will focus on the hot topic of stem cell use in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Mark Berman commented on this yesterday in an official AACS press release and a story on the website American Health and Beauty.

“Not only will this be the next major plateau in cosmetic surgery, this is likely to represent the next major breakthrough in medicine in general,” said Dr. Berman in the press release.

On American Health and Beauty, he explains more details of the “stem cell facelift” procedure, which is essentially facial fat grafting: “We’re harvesting fat; we’re putting fat back into the face – because that’s what you’re missing. Within the fat there are basically two cells, the fat cell or adipocyte, and the preadipocyte, which is simply a stem cell.”  He also provided the caveat: “So technically you are doing a stem cell face lift but the public has to know what you’re really selling.”