Breast Lift FAQ
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Will insurance pay for breast lifts?

Most insurance companies consider breast lift surgery as cosmetic. Depending on your policy, it may be worth while to submit your insurance claim on the chance that it might be covered or apply toward your deductible. If you have a Medical Savings Account, money can often be withdrawn for cosmetic surgery.

Can breast implants be placed at the time of the breast lift?

Yes. We often place implants to help fill out the shape of the breast as well as remove the excess skin to elevate the sagging skin.

What about the non-surgical breast lift?

Some physicians perform breast liposuction to decrease the breast size. The healing process will create scar tissue that elevates the breast. This is not as predictable as the “A” “B” or “C” Lifts performed at the Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center. For certain patients however, a little liposuction is all that is required.

Can you promise that there will be no visible scars?

We strive to minimize the incisions with gentle handling of the tissues and meticulous surgical technique. However, no plastic or cosmetic surgeon can guarantee healing results. There are additional treatments for those who scar such as silicone cream applied to the skin, steroid injections to soften the scar, and scar revisions. We also use permanent makeup to blend incisions around the areola or skin.

I am thinking of breast feeding and getting pregnant again, so can I still have a breast lift?

Generally, we advise patients who intend to get pregnant and breast feed, to delay breast lift/implant surgery until they have determined that they no longer will have babies and breast feed. Although we have patients who have had cosmetic breast surgery and breast feed, we can not guarantee that they will be able to breast feed.

Can I still get mammograms after breast lift/ mastopexy surgery?

Yes. In fact, we prefer a pre-operative mammogram before elective breast surgery for a baseline study. Follow up mammograms are always recommended on a annual or biannual basis.

Will insurance cover breast lifts?

Typically, the insurance carriers will not cover breast lifts. They consider the breast lift or mastopexy procedure as Cosmetic. Sometimes the insurance will pay for breast reductions where the amount of breast tissue and skin is dramatically removed for patients with back problems and skin rash problems.

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