Breast Augmentation FAQ
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How do you determine the implant size?

We spend significant time during the consultation to evaluate goals. Rather than go by bra size, we ask the patient to bring in photos from the internet or magazines to demonstrate intended breast size. The patient picks 2 or 3 photos where the breasts are too big, too small, and the right size. During breast augmentation surgery, we pick the implant based on the patients’ chest dimensions, photos, and what looks best for them.

Since bra cup size can vary from store to store, this is less accurate then carefully picking photos for desired size.

Which do you prefer, Saline or Silicone?

We utilize silicone implants mostly. Silicone implants are more popular in the United States. The silicone can be especially helpful in patients with thin tissues, significant sagging, or for those with chest deformities. Currently, we use 70% Silicone and 30% Saline. Since the FDA reapproved Silicone in 2006, more patients are comfortable with Silicone Implants.

How much time off work will I need if I have breast augmentation?

Most of our patients return to work in one week. Light activities must be maintained for 2 to 3 weeks.

Can I still get mammograms after breast augmentation?

Yes! You must inform the mammography center that you have breast implants so that special views can be performed. It is better to go to a hospital or mammography center instead of the mobile vans that often are available at shopping centers.

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