Sound Surgical Technologies, maker of the VASER liposuction system, and Cytori Therapeutics have formed a sales partnership. According to a recent news release from SST, the company will be selling Cytori’s high-tech fat grafting systems.

The VASER lipo system is a popular ultrasound-assisted platform that has been shown to provide viable harvesting of fat for facial fat grafting procedures. With the sales partnership, they say they are “uniquely positioned” to educate the medical community about combining VASER and Cytori’s fat grafting technologies, while promoting each product line.

Fat grafting and Cytori have been topics of frequent discussion this year. With many possible fat-grafting treatments on the horizon (especially stem cell procedures, breast augmentation with fat grafting, and facial rejuvenation) the company seems poised to make great strides in the cosmetic medical field.

VASER is a unique method of ultrasound-assisted liposuction. During a VASER procedure, ultrasound waves gently break down the fatty tissues in areas where fat tends to accumulate – typically the tummy, thighs, back and arms. The sound waves emitted through the ultrasound probe cause the probe to vibrate. It is this vibration that deteriorates the unwanted fat, which allows for easier removal by your cosmetic surgeon.

Once that excess fat is removed, it can be used for many different cosmetic procedures. A small to moderate amount of fat can be transferred to:

  • The face for filling of lines and creases
  • The buttocks for buttock augmentation
  • The breasts for correction of contour depressions

For more information on VASER and Cytori, view the official press release: Sound Surgical Technologies to Promote Cytori’s Puregraft System, the Latest Innovation in Fat Grafting.