Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction recovery is a subject often ignored by patients who are excited about the results of the procedure. Read on to learn more about recovery from liposuction.

Recovering properly requires that you follow all of the rules, instructions, and guidelines provided by Dr. Mandell-Brown. Keep in mind that complications can still occur after liposuction. Although some procedures allow patients to return to work after just 3 days, that may not always be an option for you. The recovery time is often fairly short, but most surgeons recommend taking a week off from your normal routine. Even if you feel like you’re “ready to go,” it is best to play it safe and get some rest & relaxation after liposuction.

What will Liposuction Recovery be Like?

Your mobility will likely be affected since you are usually advised to wear a compression garment or a bandage until the drainage from your surgery stops. You may need to wear this for days or weeks again and it may include changing the bandage every day or so. Also know that eventually the drains and sutures will be removed once the drainage stops.

Pain is always part of your liposuction recovery and is usually treated with pain medication that is prescribed by Dr. Mandell-Brown. At times he may just recommend an over the counter medication. Always notify your doctor if you feel pain and need to use medication for more than a couple of weeks.

Some numbness and swelling are also a normal part of the liposuction recovery period. Once the swelling subsides, you’ll be able to truly appreciate the results of liposuction.

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