Preparing Yourself for Liposuction

Persistent fat deposits are a problem for many individuals, especially those who have experienced weight fluctuations or a pregnancy. Although diet and exercise can make a significant improvement, these efforts may fall short of achieving your desired body shape. To eradicate those stubborn deposits of fat on the tummy, thighs, chin, arms, buttocks, and elsewhere, liposuction is performed by Dr. Mandell-Brown.

If you are planning to undergo liposuction there are some things you should do in advance to prepare yourself.

First it is important you prepare by becoming familiar and comfortable with the liposuction procedure and the various liposuction techniques offered by your surgeon. You should schedule at least one appointment with the surgeon to discuss details of your procedure. While the doctor will explain many aspects of the procedure, you should also feel free to ask any questions and express any concerns you may have.

Prior to liposuction you should also prepare for your return home. Liposuction can cause some discomfort, so it’s very important that you prepare someone in advance to help you around your house until you start feeling normal again. You may also want to prepare other things at your house before liposuction, such as placing bottles of water near your bed or purchasing foods requiring little time to prepare.

Sometimes it is recommended that patients prepare themselves emotionally. While in the end liposuction can increase your self image and self confidence, many people experience some depression after liposuction. Such side effects are usually due to the swelling, bruising, and discomfort that occurs. Being prepared and expecting these effects will help you deal with them during recovery.

If you are planning to have liposuction to rid yourself of some body fat, consider contacting Mandell-Brown. As a plastic surgeon that has spent many years performing liposuction for individuals, he can help you prepare by accurately explaining the details of the procedure.

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