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Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Honors Officer Kim

With great sadness, police officers from every state gathered along with family, friends and citizens to pay final respects to Officer Sonny Kim who was killed in the line of duty. Officer Kim, a highly decorated marshal arts instructor as well as highly respected police officer was buried at Gates of Heaven just down the […]

Breast Augmentation Techniques — Cincinnati Implants

Breast Augmentation Techniques Cincinnati

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. When you consider that patients come in countless shapes and sizes and with very different goals, breast augmentation techniques have to be just as varied and accommodating. With regard to incisions alone, there have been several advancements as the process continues to evolve. Board-certified plastic surgeon […]

Botox — Cincinnati Injectable Treatments

Botox Cincinnati

Since its arrival onto the cosmetic scene a little over ten years ago, Botox has exploded in popularity, totaling well over 10 million procedures performed. Botox is an injectable intended for cosmetic purposes and is a derivative of the botulinum toxin, hence the name. The chemical is injected into the muscles of the face in order to […]

Brazilian Butt Lift — Cincinnati Fat Injections

Brazilian Butt Lift Cincinnati

Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown is a board-certified plastic surgeon offering a great opportunity for patients to enhance their curves and accentuate the butt without the use of any fake implants or scars. The Brazilian butt lift is one of the fastest growing procedures in the country for good reason, and appointments are available now at his […]

Laser Hair Removal – Depilation Treatment Cincinnati

Laser Hair Removal Cincinnati

Say goodbye to those pesky stray hairs with the help of laser hair removal! Laser hair removal is a long-term depilation method that’s on the cutting edge of hair removal technology. We offer the LightSheer laser for laser hair removal. During our convenient laser hair removal treatment, laser energy pulses are used to specifically target […]

Rhinoplasty – Cincinnati Nasal Procedures

Rhinoplasty Cincinnati

Many people are dissatisfied with the appearance and/or functionality of their noses. To remedy this, these people come in for rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a nose job. Expect your rhinoplasty procedure to require around one to two hours to perform. This time estimate is a general one, and the techniques used in your procedure […]

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Board of Trustees Meeting

Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon and Board of Trustee, Dr Mark Mandell-Brown, was acknowledged for his hard work as Chairman of the Fellowship Program along with the other American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Board of Trustees at the annual meeting recently held in New Orleans. From left to right: Dr. Mike Will (Incoming President), Dr. Mandell-Brown, Dr. […]

Breast Lift with Implants – Breast Enhancement Cincinnati

Breast Lift with Implants Cincinnati

If you’re looking for total breast rejuvenation and enhancement, consider the breast lift with implants. This procedure is particularly popular among mothers. Pregnancy causes the breasts to swell. This volume increase affects the skin tissues of the breasts, prompting a growth to the overall size of the breast skin. Breastfeeding’s resultant loss of breast volume […]

Face and Body Fresh Cadaver Workshop

You’re Invited to Attend our Special Pre-Conference Workshop We invite you to join our Face and Body Fresh Cadaver Workshop during the pre-conference for the AACS 31st Annual Scientific Meeting in New Orleans. This all-day workshop will be held at the Louisiana State University Anatomy lab on Tuesday, Jan. 13, from 7:00am to 6:00pm. Special […]

Is your surgery center safe — what happened to Joan rivers?

Written by Ellie Rizzo November 11, 2014 Becker’s ASC Review Results of the federal investigation into Joan Rivers’ death following an elective procedure at New York-based Yorkville Endoscopy have been released, and they show the center made several preventable errors to which her death could be attributed. According to CNN and The New York Times, […]