Most people associate plastic surgery with those that are trying to hold on to the beauty of their youth or for reasons of vanity. However, there are many people that have taken advantage of liposuction for its health benefits. Some surgeons may have mixed feelings about the procedure and it is important that you understand the full ramifications of the plastic surgery procedure you are about to undertake. Establishing trust with the surgeon will help to ease your mind and calm your worries.

The process of liposuction, which is a method of plastic surgery, was formalized in the 1980′s and has seen advances for the last 30 years. These improvements include a larger amount of fat cell removal while maintaining lower levels of damage to the surrounding tissue. The minor, invasive technique is now experiencing shorter recovery periods, meaning you’ll be back on your feet quicker than ever before. We are specialists in these procedures and strive to make you feel comfortable and at ease in our office.

Liposuction can have positive effects on the human body regarding issues such as heart health. Cardiovascular health is a major concern these days because heart disease is a leading cause of death in the United States. According to an article on MSNBC by Linda Carrol published as recently as 2011, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found a decrease in triglyceride levels of 43%. That is nothing to scoff at. Fat in the blood of patients is linked with a variety of other cardiovascular diseases. In short, staying trim helps to maintain a healthy heart by reducing the stress placed on it by everyday operations.

If you are considering receiving a plastic surgery procedure performed for the health benefits, be sure to research the topic well and seek out a surgeon that you feel comfortable with and knows the procedure you are asking for. Stay safe and make smart, healthy and informed decisions for your body. A mixed regimen of exercise and intelligent eating will go far to help maintain a beautiful physique. Always remember that liposuction and any plastic surgery is a medical procedure and deserves your respect for its delicacy. Follow all directions from your surgeon for the best possible results!

The removal of fat tissue inside of the body is, for the most part, safe. If you are concerned with any health risks it is important that you address these topics with your doctor before proceeding. Have the wisdom to mention any previous surgeries or health issues that may have some baring on the new work you are about to receive. Remember, this is for your health! Stay positive and focus on the efforts you are making to improve your beauty and the health benefits you will also get. Of course, there is no substitute for a good exercise regimen and a balanced healthy diet. Take care of yourself well and the liposuction surgery will have the best possible results. It takes a combination of these methods to stay in peak health, which is the point!

Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown of Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio has over 20 years’ experience with liposuction surgeries and has taught liposuction courses to other physicians.