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FDA Approves MENTOR® MemoryShape™ Breast Implants

According to The Business Journal, U.S. market leader in breast aesthetics announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved MENTOR® MemoryShape™ Breast Implants, providing new options for women looking for a more natural shape and youthful feel from breast enhancement or reconstruction surgery. Unlike round implants, MENTOR® MemoryShape™ Breast Implants have a teardrop […]

Benefits of Microneedling

When it comes to needles, particularly needles in the face, some people can be a bit squeamish. But I’m not talking about cutting, opening or injecting, I’m referring to the newest technology in needles that just barely break the surface of the skin and penetrate a few layers deep. This treatment is called microneedling and […]

Advancement in gene therapies are getting closer

Based on an article from Medical News Today, experimental genetic techniques may one day provide plastic and reconstructive surgeons with an invaluable tool – the ability to promote growth of the patient’s own tissues for reconstructive surgery. A review of recent progress toward developing effective gene therapies for use in “regenerative surgery” appears in the […]