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Examining the Cost of Plastic Surgery

What goes into the final tally One of the biggest factors that can deter prospective cosmetic surgery patients is the cost of the procedure itself. Since cosmetic surgery is, in most cases, discretionary, it’s not typically covered by insurance, so the cost of the procedure falls upon the patient. With surgical procedures running a tab […]

Botox Approved For New Use by FDA

Can now be used to treat overactive bladder Botox isn’t just useful for making your facial wrinkles fade (although it’s certainly useful for that). It’s also used to treat muscle disorders, excess sweating, and acne. Now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved it for another use; treating overactive bladder. Overactive bladder is a […]

Can You Battle Depression with Botox?

A new study suggests it’s possible We all know Botox is an effective treatment for minimizing the appearance of frown lines, but is it possible that they could also treat the frowns themselves? Researchers at the Chevy Chase Cosmetic Centre in Maryland suggest that Botox could be used to treat depression. In a story in […]

Cosmetic New Year’s Resolution Ideas

What you can vow to do to keep yourself looking your best. After everyone’s had a go of singing Auld Lang Syne and celebrated the passing of another year, a lot of people have, of course, vowed to improve themselves with the tradition of the New Year’s Resolution. If you’re still pondering what to put […]