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Increasing Numbers of Cosmetic Procedures Prompt Workplace Guidelines

An April article in Reuters lays out a number of excellent guidelines that can help facilitate comfortable conversation about cosmetic surgery in the workplace, particularly when involving those who undergo surgery themselves. According to The Wall Street Journal, more people are undergoing cosmetic surgery than ever before, prompting a number of developments to the industry […]

Recent FDA Approval of the New Sientra Silicone Breast Implants

The FDA has just approved a new type of silicone breast implants produced by Sientra, as recently reported in a Medscape Education article. The two previously approved silicone breast implants were given approval by the FDA in November, 2006. They are the Natrelle, manufactured by Allergan and MemoryGel, manufactured by Mentor. Third Type of Silicon […]

First Silicone Breast Implants Still Healthy 50 Years Later

As reported in a recent article in Cosmetic Surgery News, it has now been over 50 years since the first successful silicone breast implantation procedure, which was performed on Timmie Jean Lindsay in 1962. Lindsay is still healthy and happy with her implants, which are now 50 years old. Over those 50 years, the breast […]

Free Cosmetic Procedures Performed on Lower Income Brazilian Patients

Over the last fifteen years, a record number of lower income Brazilian patients have been receiving cosmetic surgery, a Huffington Post article reports, including rhinoplasty, liposuction, Botox, facelifts, and many others. The surprising feature of this news is that these Brazilians are receiving their cosmetic surgical procedures at deeply discounted rates or completely free of […]