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Patients Look Younger After Nose Surgery, Study Finds

Rhinoplasty improves the shape of your nose. It may also make you look younger. A new study found that the anti-aging benefits of rhinoplasty were statistically significant, and, on average, patients looked 1.5 years younger after the procedure, according to Ali Sepehr, MD, and researchers at the University of Toronto. During the study, 50 people […]

More Men Turning To Botox, Reports ABC News

ABC News recently reported on a new cosmetic trend dubbed Bro-tox. Yes, more men are discovering the wonders of Botox. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Actor Johnny Markoudakis told ABC that he got Botox injections in his forehead and around his eyes, and a week later people told him he looked more refreshed. But Bro-tox […]

Correct Your Stretched Earlobes with Cosmetic Surgery

Earlobe rejuvenation is a growing trend among women, according to Britain’s Daily Mail. Surgery to repair stretched or torn earlobes is becoming more common. Whether from years of wearing earrings or just the natural aging process, earlobes can stretch and age a woman. Some are choosing to have this corrected either in combination with a […]

Smoking and Skin Cancer in Women Linked in New Study

Cigarro by jfjwak on Flickr If your 2012 resolution is to quit smoking, researchers have another reason to motivate you. A new study linked smoking and skin cancer in women. Women who smoked for 20 years or more were twice as likely to develop squamous cell skin cancer than those who didn’t smoke. The second […]