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Smiling is One Way to Look Younger

Looking for an easy way to look younger? Try smiling! A new study found that our facial expressions have an impact on how old we look. Pictures of people who were smiling were estimated to appear on average two years younger than they actually were. The study had 154 adults guess the ages of men […]

Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center Meets Highest Safety Standards

Why go to a hospital when you can have plastic surgery performed in a triple accredited office-based surgery center like the Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center? The Los Angeles Times recently reported that there were infection violations at the famous Los Angeles UCLA Medical Center, where many Hollywood stars seek treatment. The hospital “failed to maintain […]

LA Times Reveals Generation X’s Beauty Secrets for Aging Gracefully

The first group of Gen-Xers has entered their 40s, and they are changing what being middle aged looks like, reports the Los Angeles Times. Generation X, the 46 million Americans born from 1965 to about 1979, is more than willing to spend money on anti-aging products and procedures. Gen-Xers rely on preventive anti-aging beauty regimens […]