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5 Ways to Look Better on a Budget

If you’re a cost conscious consumer, but like to look your best, read these 5 inexpensive ways to look better without busting your budget. 1. Better Diet: Start Editing Your Grocery List It shouldn’t cost you more money to eat healthier. It all starts with a good grocery list. Start editing your list today, and […]

High Patient Satisfaction With New Laser Facelift Procedure

During the laser facelift, energy was applied in grid pattern, with squares of the neck and lower face treated individually. This picture is of one 54-year-old female patient who was about to undergo the procedure. A well-known cosmetic surgeon recently published a study that explains a new laser facelift technique. As so many technological advancements […]

FAQ: Breast Feeding and Breast Augmentation

Some of the most common breast augmentation questions are about breast feeding, both before and after surgery. To answer these questions, you should have an in-depth discussion with your cosmetic surgeon. Here are some general answers to the most frequently asked questions. Can I breast feed with implants? The presence of a saline or silicone […]

What Makes People Look Older?

Lines, wrinkles and sagging skin are facts of life. But are the causes of these conditions the same for every aging person? Contributing factors (i.e. causes) actually vary from person to person. A recent New York Times article recently explored this topic, and it details how people of different ethnic backgrounds show age in different […]