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How Breast Augmentation Patients Differ By Geography

Do women in different areas have different needs or goals for breast augmentation? They might, according to a study in Winter 2010 issue of the Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery, which explores the “physical characteristics and implant details” of breast augmentation patients in three locations in North America. Breast augmentation cases from Texas, British Columbia […]

Beauty Sleep Not a Myth According to British Study

When you’re sleep deprived, you appear less healthy and less attractive than normal, according to a study in British Medical Journal. To test the theory of beauty sleep, doctors in Stockholm enrolled 23 adult participants and photographed them, first after a night of eight hours of sleep and again after sleep deprivation – 31 hours […]

Doctors Assess Psychological Changes After Breast Augmentation

It’s quite common for women considering breast augmentation to wonder about the physical changes in their appearance. “How will I look?” is a common question, and plastic surgeons have several ways of explaining or visually representing the results. But how will you feel? Will the procedure change the way you think? In a new study, […]

Swedish Restylane Manufacturer to Be Acquired for Over $1 Billion

The latest news from say that Q-Med, the Swedish manufacturer of Restylane wrinkle filler, is likely to be acquired by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Galderma. Galderma is known for making the popular Cetaphil products. The dermatology-focused pharmaceutical company was founded over 25 years ago, and is currently owned by L’Oreal and Nestle. Q-Med makes […]