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Plastic Surgeons, Estheticians Expand Work Hours to Meet Patient Need

In a recent style column of the New York Times, you can read about the expanding work hours of doctors and other professionals who offer aesthetic treatments. Their columnist writes, “In most major cities, if you want pad Thai or a sweater dry-cleaned when most people are sleeping, there’s someone who will take care of […]

Study Evaluates Role of Computer Imaging in Rhinoplasty

A growing number of cosmetic surgeons are using preoperative computer imaging during patient consultations. These systems can be especially useful for consultations prior to procedures like rhinoplasty or breast augmentation, when patients are eager to visualize the expected outcome. One popular computer imaging system (the Vectra 3D) captures six patient photos simultaneously. The computer then […]

Making an Impression – Do Injectable Treatments Make a Difference?

How does wrinkle correction change the image you project to the world? Surgeons at the Chicago Center for Facial Plastic Surgery sought to answer that question in a recent paper published in Dermatologic Surgery. While many studies have documented the physical results achieved with dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, few, if any, studies have […]