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How Lidocaine Improves the Comfort of Cosmetic Injections

If you’ve hesitated to undergo injectable treatments because you’re worried about needles and discomfort, you’re not alone. Products like Juvederm, Prevelle, Hydrelle and Restylane can effectively restore facial volume, reshape lips and correct wrinkles. But the looming question for many people is, are these treatments comfortable? Fortunately the answer is yes, thanks to local anesthetics […]

Can Rib Cartilage Be Used During Rhinoplasty?

The answer is yes, but are these grafts ideal for use in rhinoplasty? Researchers at the University of Texas published a study that sought to answer this question. An ideal substance, according to the authors, would have these characteristics: Readily available in large quantities Resists infection Resists absorption Completely integrated into host tissues Causes little […]

Our Aesthetician Explains Her Favorite Treatments

Our very own licensed aesthetician, Casey Linton was just featured on, giving “the skinny on her favorite treatments to revitalize the skin.” SkinMedica Rejuvenize peel for treating hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars Oxygen treatment to hydrate the skin while treating rosacea and broken capillaries Cell-switching to rebuild skin from the inside-out, treating […]

Q & A: Breast Augmentation With Implants and Fat Grafting

Q: Over 350,000 women had a breast augmentation in 2008, according to the ASAPS; why has breast augmentation become so popular in the United States? A: Without getting into a sociological discussion, the two main reasons for the popularity of breast augmentation are 1) many women in America are dissatisfied with the size and shape […]