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Danish Study Reveals Importance of Perceived Age

They say beauty is only skin-deep, that a person may be beautiful on the outside, yet weak or ill on the inside. According to new research, that old cliché may be far from true. Your appearance may be an accurate indicator of your health and potential after all, according to results of the study: “Perceived […]

7 Safety Guidelines for the Cosmetic Surgery Patient

The Health writers at CNN recently compiled a list of useful guidelines that cosmetic surgery patients should use to protect their safety. Though we’ve organized them into a shorter format for easy reference, you should read the whole story on Do…. Investigate the procedure of interest. Though your cosmetic surgeon should be a trustworthy, […]

Giving the Gift of Cosmetic Surgery? Proceed With Care

As far as holiday gifts go, cosmetic surgery definitely falls in the “extraordinary” category. But it’s not that uncommon. We know some women who would much prefer a breast augmentation or mommy-makeover to the usual electronics and clothes that get exchanged each year. “There are a large number of people who really want cosmetic surgery, […]

Why Should We Support or Reject the “Botax”?

There are many opinions being expressed about this so-called “Botax” but there’s one problem: patients aren’t voicing their own position – and they would be the ones paying most of it. As Dr. Steven Teitelbaum told the New York Times this week, “[cosmetic surgery patients] are a disorganized group that has no one of its […]