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Dermatologist Discusses Sculptra on Early Show

We wrote last month about the FDA’s recent approval of Sculptra for cosmetic use. Now more physicians are starting to use the wrinkle filler, and marketing efforts of it have been increased. Just recently, Dr. Jeannette Graf appeared on the CBS Early show to demonstrate treatment with Sculptra. This video features a few before and […]

Seeking a New Career? Cosmetic Enhancements Can’t Hurt

Although the economic news this week is looking optimistic, the job market is still a rough environment to navigate. We’ve had more than one patient comment about it and share suspicions about age, or appearance, negatively affecting job prospects. My neighbor told me last week that her job interviews hadn’t gone as well as she’d […]

Surgery in the Middle-East ‘Booms’

According to Associated Press columnist Donna Abu-Nasr, “cosmetic surgery is booming” in Saudi Arabia, despite religious conservatives that find the practice objectionable, and despite the ubiquity of the burqa – a long garment that covers arab women from head to toe. Plastic surgeons in the region are apparently advertising on the front page of the […]