Another Frivolous Class Action Lawsuit – protecting the public or enriching themselves?

A large California Law Firm, Hagens Berman, filed a class action lawsuit against SkinMedica claiming the company unlawfully marketed Tissue Nutrient Systems (TNS) without proper safety information.
The law firm claims that SkinMedica did not properly research the safety of the tissue growth factors, a key ingredient in SkinMedica’s best selling product.
According to Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown’s office has used the SkinMedica line of products for the past 6 years. “My family uses the skin care product, my staff uses the skin care products and I use the products.”  He added, “most patients can’t guess my age, 60, partially due to daily use of  SkinMedica.”
Just like the lawsuits in 1992 when the class action attorneys enriched themselves at the price of the patients, history repeats itself.  SkinMedica was recently acquired by Allergan, a very deep pocket company. Now the attorneys are attempting a financial windfall.

The breast implants, after 13 years of research, were found to be safe. “I am certain so will the TNS in SkinMedica,” proclaimed Dr. Mandell-Brown.

Where were the attorneys who were so interested in protecting the public when SkinMedica was a small skin care company? Nowhere. Now that they are owned by one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world, they see big dollar signs.
Sharon Sweitzer, office manager at The Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center, stands by the SkinMedica line. “I think their skin care products are wonderful and their safety is beyond reproach.”

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Have you ever taken a selfie, looked at it, decided your nose looked massive and promptly booked an appointment with your local plastic surgeon? Probably not, though according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the selfie trend is causing an increasing number of people to undertake face-related plastic surgery. – Trevor Mogg, Digital Trends

According to a recent article reported in Digital Trends, “selfies” and social media have brought attention to individuals and their flaws. With the use of Snapchat and Instagram, two photo driven apps, on the rise, many individuals are becoming even more aware and possibly self-conscious of their facial features.

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports that one in three plastic surgeons have seen an increase in the number of people seeking facial plastic surgery due to social media.

Talking with well-known, board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown, he explains that he has not seen ‘social media’ as a specific reason for men or women partaking in cosmetic surgeries. “The patients that come in seeking improvements have wanted the improvements for sometime. It’s been a well thought out decision, not one made from a “poor” selfie result.”

Dr. Mandell-Brown, director of the Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center, goes on to explain that these photo driven apps may help reinforce the patients want for self improvements but has not seen a specific and direct correlation between their wants and social media.

All in all, photo-sharing apps are on the rise and the popularity is only expected to increase. If you are considering plastic or cosmetic surgery, do the research and make sure to book an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon to talk through all the options.

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Top 6 Things Your Plastic Surgeon Doesn’t Tell You

6. You need a Brow Lift.  At the Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown will often refer his patients for a brow waxing with Esthetician, Debra, who can reshape the brows WITHOUT surgery. Many patients can reshape the brow instead of having surgery.

5. “This Wont Hurt.”   Dr. Mandell-Brown and his staff are very up front with expectations from office procedures like Botox or Soft Tissue Fillers to procedures like breast augmentation or nose reshaping.

4.  Getting More Filler/Botox than you Budgeted. Dr. Mandell-Brown will work with your budget and utilize options that fit within your budget.  He will let you know how much filler will cost and be required in advance so that there are no sticker shock prices at the check out desk.

3. One Procedure Fits All. The Plastic Surgery Experts at the Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center individualize the procedure for each patient. Whether in selecting an implant size, face lift technique, eyelid refreshing, liposuction, or tummy tuck option, Dr. Mandell-Brown includes the patient in the discussion to determine what is best for that patient.

2. I Prefer A Hospital For Surgery. If the plastic surgeon prefers a hospital setting, they haven’t invested time, energy, staff training in developing their own surgery center.  At the Mandell-Brown Surgery Center, we have all the amenities of the hospital with the privacy of an office based surgery center. Infection control can be more closely monitored at an office based surgery center compared to a large hospital setting.

1.  My nurses do all my injections. Dr. Mandell-Brown prefers to perform his own Botox, Dysport, and Soft Tissue Filler injections.  There is an artistic aspect to these techniques and he individualizes the treatment for each patient.  It’s not how many people you can see and treat in the day— its about making each patient experience the best it can be.

Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown has over 25 years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon within the Cincinnati, Dayton and Centerville area. Call our office today for further questions about our procedures (513) 984-4700.

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It’s normal for people to want to look like or have other people’s facial and body features. Maybe it’s a nose like Ashlee Simpson or a certain breast size; either way plastic and cosmetic surgery can make that possible.

Talking to a well-known Cincinnati and Dayton plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown, explains that photos and specific details are needed when helping to achieve the goals that the patient has in mind. Using specific people as an example, also helps narrow down the needs of the patient.

He explains, at the Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center, he strives to make people look better but not different. He wants each patient to maintain an unique, natural look. Dr. Mandell-Brown, who is an expert in “NATURAL LOOK” cosmetic surgery says,  ”We may match someone’s lips to look like Angelina Jolie’s so we hold her cover photo next to the patient to serve as a guide. We then use computer imaging to help them visualize surgery goals. That helps often more than just a magazine photo.”

There are many rounds of visualizing surgery goals which is done during the consultation phase. “We want to make sure each and every detail is perfect so the patient is getting the exact results they have in mind,” Dr. Mandell-Brown goes on to explain.

Anything is possible with cosmetic and plastic surgery. It is advised that the patient does research on their own and has ideas of what they are looking for before the first consultation with their plastic surgeon. This will be the best way to utilize the patients time as well as the plastic surgeon’s time.

Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown, director, has over 25 years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon. Realizing that modern advances have altered the ability of one physician to do everything well, our staff has sought additional extensive training to enable the patient to truly benefit from an expert. Dr. Mandell-Brown specializes in Facial Plastic Surgery and Body Cosmetic Surgery.

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