Liposuction FAQ
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Who is capable of performing liposuction?

Physicians from a variety of different disciplines are able to perform liposuction. The procedure was originally developed by a French gynecologist. More recently, a dermatologist developed the tumescent liposuction technique, which is basically the gold standard of liposuction now.

In checking credentials, be sure your physician is performing liposuction in a state or nationally licensed surgery center. If you are to undergo a large volume liposuction (over 5000 cc’s of fat), make sure your procedure is done in a hospital setting. It is also a good idea to choose a physician with membership in the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Liposuction Society.

How much down time is required after liposuction?

Typically, three to four days are required to recover from the procedure. Light activity can begin after one week.

Is there much pain with liposuction?

Actually, with the tumescent technique, there is very little intra-operative pain and post-operative pain is minimal.

Which is better: dieting or liposuction?

Liposuction is ideal when the patient is near their ideal body weight and just can’t get rid of the fatty deposits. Liposuction should not be used as a replacement for good dietary habits. The amount of fat that can be safely removed with liposuction is limited.

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