Brazilian Butt Lift Cincinnati

Patients from Centerville, Ohio as well as Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio request that their buttocks be fuller. The Brazilian Butt Lift, popularized in Brazil where a prominent booty or butt is desired has had increased popularity in the US.

Fat is removed from unwanted areas such as the abdomen, flanks, or thighs. The fat is then placed in special tubes and then fluid is removed leaving healthy fat cells. This fat is then injected while the patient is prone or laying on their stomach. The butt can be shaped and filled to give more projection and a fuller shape. Anywhere from 50cc of fat to 500cc of fat are usually placed each butt cheek.

The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia as well as IV sedation. There is little pain and activities can be resumed the next day. Sometimes, several sessions are required to give the buttocks maximal improvement.


Soreness may be common for a few days but pain is relatively mild. Infection, bleeding, bruising, skin necrosis, or slough is extremely rare. Dr Mandell-Brown will discuss the benefits and risks at the time of your consultation.